Local Install Information

You can use the Registry to pull the local installation information of your game’s installation. If you do not select this option, the patcher will assume that the game is installed (or to be installed) to the current location the patcher is run from.

Obtain Install directory from Registry

You can get the patcher to locate the game’s installation folder by using the registry. These initial registry entries should be set by your initial game installation (or base installer). The user will choose a drive and directory to install the game to, however you must write this out from your installer. Most installation software allow you to write this chosen folder to the registry. If you selected this, you must then input your registry information below.

Registry Root
First choose from the ROOT Registry Key.
Your options are:


Registry Key
This should be the key (path) to your Registry entry without the ROOT, just the key.
ie: SOFTWARE\ByteBox Media\My Game

Registry String
This should be the String key you use inside your Registry entry that holds the directory (path) the user chose to install the game to.

64-Bit Key
You should check this if you’re using a 64 bit key. The registry stores 64-bit keys in a different section of the registry, we can detect this. If it’s a strict 32-bit registry entry, unselect this.

Restart Patcher after Base Installation

Select this if you want the patcher to download the base installer executable then wait for the user to complete installation. It will then restart the patcher automatically and begin to patch accordingly.

If you do not select this, patcher will download the base installer, launch the installation file when complete and exit the patcher.

Base Installer URL

Should you choose this option in the patcher, you should also specify the online URL to a base installer too. A base installer can be the initial game installer or just a ‘shell’ installer that sets up the registry entries and folder.

If the user tries to run the patcher and the local directory isn’t found, or the registry entry isn’t found, then the patcher will begin to download and install the base installer for the user.

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