Multiple Patch Servers

With GPC you can specify multiple patch servers and even have your user select from a server that’s best for them.

Setting up multiple patching servers for use with your GPC patcher is relatively easy. Imagine you have setup your patcher for just a single-use server, your “other” servers are just replicas of this but on different IP addresses or domains. You must still setup each individual one as you would just a singular one, same setup.

Adding a Patch Server

To add a Patch Server simply click the Add Server button. This will present you with a dialog. Inside this dialog are two options.

Server Name
This is the name you wish to give this server. This is what will be presented to the user in the option list. You can use anything here, for example (Alpha, United Kingdom, BETA).

Server URL
Here you specify this server’s IP or URL. You MUST include the patch directory too. For example (

If you are using multiple versions as well as multiple servers, you must ensure your above URLs have the sub-folders for each available version. For example if you used the above example URL and you have 3 versions available, then your structure should look like this:


Do not stipulate version folders inside your multiple server patch config. The patcher will automatically append the version number on the end. So your URL here would be the patcher will automatically append /1.0 /1.1 or /1.2 to the end when it knows which version to patch to.

Multiple Patch File Filename

If you’re using multiple versions or multiple servers, you will need to specify a filename for your generated patch file here. It can be the same as your singular one, GPC just needs to know what filename you will choose.

If you are using Multiple Versions or Multiple Servers then your patch configuration file MUST go in the top-most folder where your root game files are.

So for example, if you were using the above examples and your multiple patch file name was mygamepatchfile your patch file for each update must be located at:

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