Multiple Versions

GPC has the ability to support multiple versions which means you don’t have to stick to just using incremental patching for your user’s. You can enable Multiple Versions which means you can force the patcher to “roll back” to a specific version if you require.

You simply run the patch with the commandline /F which means forced version install.

For example, if you wish to install Version 1.2.3 of your product, you would run the patch like this:

patch.exe /F1.2.3

This will tell the patcher that you are force installing version 1.2.3 and to ignore any versioning checks with the user’s computer.

Multiple Version Setup

For multiple versions you must select this box. If not, the patcher will assume it is to always run in incremental mode. For example, it will only check the latest remote version against the user’s installed version number and only apply a patch if required to update to a later version.

It is wise to keep track of your previous versions in case a user needs to roll-back for whatever reason.

Note: You can also force run an integrity check. You can do this by sending the commandline item /i1


patch.exe /i1

This will tell the patcher, regardless of whether the versions are up to date or not, do a file integrity check. This is useful for performing file verification checks before a game is launched.

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