Splash Screen Design

This is the main panel which controls the Splash screen design. From here you can choose your own Splash Screen image from your computer or choose an image to be displayed from a webserver.

Local Image

To use a local image from your computer, you can click on the image itself and a dialog will open allowing you to choose the image from your computer. You can click ‘Preview Design’ to preview how your Splash will look once opened in the patcher. (N.B – You will need to save your project before clicking Preview Design).

Revert to Default
This will revert the image back to the GPC default splash screen image.

Downloadable Splash Screen
You can choose to store your splash screen on your webserver. The patcher will re-download this every time the patcher is run from a user’s computer. This is handy because you can update your Splash Screen at any time by simply replacing the file on the server.

Splash URL
The absolute URL to the splash file image on your server.

Image Types

Multiple image types are supported inside the patcher including Bitmap, PNG, JPEG, GIF and TGA. You don’t have to specify the filetype, the patcher will auto-detect this. If you think you may be using different types in future, don’t include an extension on your file, just upload ‘splash’ so if you want to change filetypes in future, you can because the absolute URL won’t include an extension. You must remove the extension yourself on the file if you wish to use this little trick.

So instead of using:


just use



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