Splash Screen Design

The Splash Screen design is entirely at your disposal!

Dynamic - Updateable - Splash Screen

We realise the importance of having fast loading and informational splash screens for some developers, so we coded a routine that allows for you to have a splash screen image on your webserver that will download every time the patch executable is loaded.

Update and refresh in Realtime

Every time you want to update your splash screen, you simply upload your new splash screen to the webserver and you it will reflect across all the launchers instantly, without any update procedures required!

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Update Settings

See how Game Patch Creator allows you full and complete control over your patchers!

Splash Screen Design

Complete control over your splash screen and artwork design for your patcher

Pre/Post Executables

Define lists of pre and post-patch executables to fire off before and after your patches

Multiple Patch Servers

Define a list of available server locations for patching and let your users decide

Complete Online/Offline Patching

You can choose from complete online, offline or a mixed solution for your game patching!