The Ultimate Online/Offline patching Solution

Game Patch Creator is such a versatile software that you can pack your patch executable to be a complete offline or complete online solution. There literally are no limits!

Online Patcher

Build your patching executable to be a complete online patching system for your game or app development with Game Patch Creator.

You can literally host the entire patching solution on our servers or even your own servers for complete control and flexibility. You don’t have to store ANY files locally ever!

The upside to this method is having the ability to just distribute your patch executable file, either with your game files or standalone. The choices are yours and we will never limit any of these choices. It’s what makes our software the number one patching solution for game and app developers and development teams around the globe!

Offline Patcher

Don’t ever feel like you have to store everything on your webservers! With Game Patch Creator you can easily have everything local to your patch executable so bundle your Splash Screen, Configuration File and Artwork with your patcher.

The upside to this method is, if you don’t think you will ever update the splash screen, change the config or modify your artwork, you can simply switch these files to local files instead of having them always downloaded from your webserver.

Complete Freedom

Last but not least, you have the complete ability and freedom to use any of these methods at any time. You can simply switch to/from online to offline or mix (some online/some offline) whenever you like.

Nobody likes software that doesn’t think out of the box and Game Patch Creator was built with your freedoms in mind. We have tailored versions for Indie Developers and AAA+ development teams alike.


Update Settings

See how Game Patch Creator allows you full and complete control over your patchers!

Splash Screen Design

Complete control over your splash screen and artwork design for your patcher

Pre/Post Executables

Define lists of pre and post-patch executables to fire off before and after your patches

Multiple Patch Servers

Define a list of available server locations for patching and let your users decide

Complete Online/Offline Patching

You can choose from complete online, offline or a mixed solution for your game patching!