Lets your users choose a server

Multi-Versioning and Multi-Server Locations are a must in this day and age and with Game Patch Creator you can let your users decide which server to download their patches from!

Let your user decide

One benefit of a patching software should always be the use of patching servers in multiple locations. This allows for users to choose a server closer to them for faster file downloads and patches.

Another added benefit is if one server is over-loaded, the user can switch to an alternative server for their patching!

It’s easy as pie to add servers, simply enter a name for the server then the IP or Domain for it!

Multiple Patch Servers

Just a ghost

The beauty about having multiple patch servers available is, they are just a ghost or a clone of your original patch server.

You literally only need to clone one server and you can make tens, hundreds even thousands of patch servers available around the globe. You can even have production and development servers allowing game testers to download specific versions of your game or app.


Update Settings

See how Game Patch Creator allows you full and complete control over your patchers!

Splash Screen Design

Complete control over your splash screen and artwork design for your patcher

Pre/Post Executables

Define lists of pre and post-patch executables to fire off before and after your patches

Multiple Patch Servers

Define a list of available server locations for patching and let your users decide

Complete Online/Offline Patching

You can choose from complete online, offline or a mixed solution for your game patching!