The Only Patching Software You will ever need!

Game Patcher Creator is the evolutionary Windows software patch kit you will ever need for keeping your games and apps up to date! With an easy-to-use editor and an advanced file scanner and patch list file generator, you will never need any other tool, ever again!

Amazing Features

Customize for your game / app

Create and customize patchers for your game and application developments. Our patching system can be as easy or advanced as you like catering to both beginner developers to huge development teams.

Use incremental patching or versioning for your game developments.

Design - Build - Patch


Full Control over every aspect of patching

With Game Patch Creator you are in full control over your entire patching process. Don’t ever rely on third-party companies in any aspect.

You have full control over your servers, your files and your patches!

Single or Multiple Servers


Drag n Drop Editing

Import your own artwork and make the patch executable your own.

You can design and import your own Splash Screen and Main Window background image and even edit the status string texts and fonts. You can also customize showing the progress and bars and their positions, all by dragging and dropping!

Update in Real-time

Store your patch design artwork for your splash and main screen on your webserver so you can literally update it by just uploading the new images!

My Game Patcher

Updating Game (52%)

Downloading File (69%)

Even More Amazing Features

Single-Server Patching

Patch your game in real-time straight from your webserver. With just one-click you can patch straight from your webserver to your user's computer.

Multi-Server Patching

Allow your players/users to choose from a list of available servers to download from. The closer to the user, the faster the downloads!

Unlimited Versioning

Build and Archive as many versions of your game as you like. You can allow incremental patching or even user roll-backs as and when.

Deploy Instantly

Build your next patch in literal seconds and have it available to download within literal minutes with our easy-to-use software.

Drag n Drop Editor

Import your own Splash Screen and Launcher Design with our handy drag n drop editor, complete with a live preview window!

Block or File Patching

With our patching software, you decide everything from block patching to file-by-file patching and you can override the defaults with command lines!


Define a list of pre-executables to run directly before the patching process. You can run local files or use the registry to locate a file within a directory.

Splash Screen Design

Import your own image to use as a Splash Screen inside your patcher. You can even set a specified timer to show the splash before patching.


Define a list of post-executables to run straight after patching. A very useful feature for game developers and modders alike!

Final Write-Outs

Define a list of registry entries to write/update, show the user message prompts or launch websites at the end of the patching process. There are no limits!

Standalone Online Patcher

A Complete Online Solution

You can choose to make your patching system a complete online solution, storing not just your game file patches online but the entire patching configuration/settings file and your artwork, so all you have to do is simply distribute your executable!

A local solution

You don’t have to store everything online! You can keep everything local if you wish, even bundle your patcher with your game’s initial installer.

There are no bounds and no restrictions when it comes to Game Patch Creator!


Complete Documentation System

We have every single feature of our software covered online in our online documentation system.

You can browse this at any time and get instant answers and guides on to what-does-what. We also have video tutorials and step-by-step guides for you to follow too!

Complete Support from Us

As a user of our software product, you are entitled to our full support at any time. We have numerous support staff online around the clock in our popular Discord server, we also have ticket and email support available.



A version for every user

We have licenses for all types of users of Game Patch Creator. Choose the best one that suits you and get on board today!

There are 0 wait times. You get Instant Access as soon as you sign up! So what are you waiting for?

Got a question?

We understand you may have some burning questions and we have support staff available around the clock! Please join our Discord Server here or email us directly here.

My Game Patcher

Updating Game (52%)

Downloading File (69%)

Design your patcher in minutes

Our special built-in patch editor is complete drag n drop.

You can import your own image designs for both the splash screen and the patching window itself and use our live editor to choose fonts, position the progress bars and even align everything on the screen.

Support for Multiple Image Types

Multi Version / Multi Server

You can use incremental versioning strictly or use multi-version compatibility patchers, meaning you can just stick to patching to the latest version or allowing for roll-backs to previous versions.

And did we mention multi-server compatability? Let your user choose a server, maybe the closest one to them?

My Game Patcher

Updating Game (52%)

Downloading File (69%)

My Game Patcher

Updating Game (34%)

Downloading File (12%)