Pre/Post Executables

We understand the need to launch particular executables pre-patch and post-patch so you can define your own execution lists!


Define a thorough list of files to be executed pre-patch such as executable (exe) files or batch (bat) files.


Define a thorough list of files to be executed post-patch such as executable (exe) files or batch (bat) files.


Pre/Post Executable Scenarios

We recognize that some developers may want to run a file or a series of executables before or after the patch process, it’s why we built a section to allow you to do just that. You can define a list of pre-executables and post-executables to run, this includes windows binaries such as executable files or batch files.

The power of our pre and post-executable file lists is, you don’t even have to run local files. You can use the registry to locate a specific file on the user’s computer and set that to launch, so everything can be static or dynamic… the choices are all yours!

Having the choice to run post-executables means you can ensure the user has the latest DX runtimes installed or other dependencies before the patching process completes.


Set Requirements

You can optionally set a file check and if the file isn’t found on the user’s computer, you can trigger a base installation requirement thus invalidating the user’s installation and requesting that the base installer be downloaded and installed to the user’s computer.


Update Settings

See how Game Patch Creator allows you full and complete control over your patchers!

Splash Screen Design

Complete control over your splash screen and artwork design for your patcher

Pre/Post Executables

Define lists of pre and post-patch executables to fire off before and after your patches

Multiple Patch Servers

Define a list of available server locations for patching and let your users decide

Complete Online/Offline Patching

You can choose from complete online, offline or a mixed solution for your game patching!