Full Control Over your Update Settings

You have complete and total control over your patcher’s update settings and you can even update the settings at any time!

Multiple Ways for Versioning

Choose from updating the Registry, a version text file or an IN file.

Your patch executable will read from one of these files or the registry entry and even update the entry once complete so your launcher or game can always tell which version of your game is installed.


Given there are a multitude of ways you can read and update a version string, we ensure we offered all the regular ways we know you can store your currently installed version number somewhere safe.

You can even detect if this version number isn’t found, that the base installer is required, so you know whether the data is corrupt or doesn’t exist; the user can simply install the base installer that sets up the default registry entries or text/ini files required for updating.

Registry Version Information

We make it a cinch to read and write version information from and to the Windows registry. We have coded all options available so all you have to do is fill out the fields and away you go!

Text File String

You can easily read and write, to and from, a text file on the user’s computer to store the version string.

You simply specify the name of the local file and the patcher will do the rest!

Initialization File

Game Patch Creator makes it really easy to read and write from a local Initialization File on the user’s computer.

This is handy for you to keep track of the currently installed version from your game or game launcher!


Update Settings

See how Game Patch Creator allows you full and complete control over your patchers!

Splash Screen Design

Complete control over your splash screen and artwork design for your patcher

Pre/Post Executables

Define lists of pre and post-patch executables to fire off before and after your patches

Multiple Patch Servers

Define a list of available server locations for patching and let your users decide

Complete Online/Offline Patching

You can choose from complete online, offline or a mixed solution for your game patching!