Customer Support

We pride ourselves on our top-notch customer support. Not only do we man the email inboxes but we are also pro-active in our Discord server where we help people everyday. You have plenty of options to choose from here…


You can email us directly by clicking here. If you have any queries such as billing, sales, licensing or anything else, the above inbox is pretty much good to go for everything.


We are big fans of Discord. Our Discord server has been online for nearly 3 years and we chat to our users on a daily basis. Come check it out and maybe join in the conversations, or get some support.

Discord Server

Our Company

Game Patch Creator is owned and developed by ByteBox Media. We are a software development company based in the United Kindom.

You can check out our headquarters over at


You can’t beat a good section of documentation and that’s why we have a huge documentation section available on our website for you to scan through.

You can access our online documentation here.