Patcher Design

This panel enables you to design what your game patcher will look like. If your patcher is not a silent patch, this will show when running through the actual patch process. There are many components to this panel but it’s very easy to run through and understand. We will provide the relative documentation here.

Background Image

You have two choices for background image. You can either choose a local file from your computer, which will ship with the patcher executable when built or you can choose to store your patch background image on your webserver.

Storing your background image on your server is always the best option as this allows you to update your background image at any time and the user will see this new image every run.

Local File
To select a file from your computer, select FILE from the dropdown list and click on the image itself above the buttons. This will open up a dialog box allowing you to select an image from your computer. Alternatively you can input the filename in the URL box.

Relative Filename
Here you can specify the actual, relative filename for the exported image. For example, if you have a data folder and want the image in there, you can specify (data\bgimage.jpg). The launcher will know where the image is located in relation to the patch file location. This is only valid for local image files and not online files.

Online File
You must place the absolute URL to the image on your webserver here.

Download Test

You can test the validity of your image URL here by clicking ‘Download Test’. If it doesn’t show in the image preview box after you have typed in the URL and clicked the download test button, then something is wrong.

Preview Design

When you click the Preview Design button, a window will popup showing you exactly what your patcher will look like to the user as it runs through the patching process.

From here you can modify some of the components in real-time such as location of the progress bars. Simply click on a progress bar to move it to the desired location.

You can also edit the Text String that is displayed. You can move it around by simply dragging with your mouse. You can also resize using the real-time resizing block in the lower-right corner.

For the status string, you can right-click and Choose Font. This allows you to choose a font from your computer and the font size for the text on the patcher.

Please Note: If you choose any non-system font, you must ensure this is also installed on your users computer. If it isn’t found, the patcher will revert back to Tahoma font.

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