What are Pre-Executables?

Pre-Executables is a list of executable files that will run before the patching process.

This list is entirely optional, you don’t have to use this list to run or parse any executables at all, however this list is useful for developers who may wish to choose to run executables pre-patch.

Pre-Executable Scenarios

You maybe wondering why anyone would want to run executable files before the patch? This could be for a number of reasons. One of the most popular reasons would be, so the developer can do a security check or license check before allowing the patcher to run.

You can specify a flag which tells the patcher to exit if any of the pre-executables are not found.

Pre-Executable FileTypes

You can run a number of executable files from the pre-executable list. Mostly Windows Executable Files (exe) or Batch Files (bat).

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