Error Logs

When we programmed and designed Game Patch Creator we understood the importance of generating Debug logs. So we generate exclusive, in-depth debug logs for both your builds and your patchers on your user’s computers, so should any problems arise, you can swiftly track down the issue.

You don’t have to do anything specific for the debug logs, they are automatically generated on your computer for your patch builds and on your user’s computers for your patches.

One tip we can give you before you dive into the logs to try figure out a problem is; wherever the log stops, is usually the problem. So always scroll down the very last line or last 2-3 lines and wherever the problem is, it should indicate there. But this is just for a general idea. Here in the docs section, we will try and elaborate on the stages things can go wrong.

If all else fails after you have tried to debug your project, you can always ask in our Discord Server.

Please see the menu of this documentation section to see the stages of debug logs.

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