Online Patch Directory (Single Server)

The Online Patch Directory is the main folder on your server where all your files should be located for the patching. If you are using incremental patching only and not multi-version, then this should be the folder that replicates your game’s folder structure.

For example, if your game has several directories and files like this:

[User Settings]

Then your online patch directory should contain these patch files in the exact same structure.

Multiple Patch Versions

If you are using Multiple Versions for your patching, you should stipulate your main data directory here and have sub-folders for each version. Inside those sub-folders, should be the correct structure for each version.

For example:

You still only need to stipulate as the main online patch directory. The patcher will automatically append the version number at the end to get the correct directory to pull the patch file list and patch files from.

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