Main Window Resolution

From here you can stipulate the main patching window size in pixels.

X: Width
Y: Height
in pixels.

Your background image will be stretched or shrank to fit this window size, so for the sharpest image, please use the size of your image, if possible. We do apply re-sampling methods to resized images to ensure your graphics aren’t distorted when stretched.

Additional Options

This panel comes with additional options.

Silent Patch
You can choose to run your patcher as a silent patch. This means, the full patch process will run as normal but without drawing a window, it will run silently in the background.

Please note, you can deselect this and choose to run your patch as a silent patch optionally by using the commandline item /W

patch.exe /W1

You can also use /W0 to enforce visibility of the window if your patcher is set to silent by default.

Show Splash Screen in Silent Patch
If your splash screen is enabled, you can choose to display it even in a Silent Patch.

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