Building Your Patch Project

Building your project is very easy with GPC.

Upon your first build, you will need to select ‘Build All’. This will scan over your game files, generate a patch file list, generate your patch executable, your version file and your renamed files.

Initial Setup to Ship

If this is your first export, you should configure your entire project using the Game Patch Creator editor, ensuring all paths and online URLs are correct. You should then do the first scan of your game files, you can do this by clicking ‘Build All’.

It will generate the patch executable, it will scan your game directory, generate the patch file list for that version and the version file. It will also generate a debug log. This debug log contains information on the what/where/whens happened with the build process. Any errors that occurred will be logged inside here.#

Subsequent Patches

Whenever you make changes to your games and need to issue a patch, you simply click the Build All button and select the desired game folder to scan over.

If you are using an incremental patching system (ie: only ever update to latest version) then you can re-use the same folder, over and over by just simply updating the files.

If you are using multiple versions, you should have your new build input folder in another folder and scan over that.

The version file that is produced in the final build is a simple text file with that version number in, you only need to upload that to your server if you don’t already have one.

Export Configuration

If you use an online configuration file and want to make changes to your patcher, you can open your project up in GPC, make the changes then simply Export just the config file on it’s own. You can then upload this overwriting your old config file and the changes will instantly reflect when your user’s next fire up the patcher.

Export Patcher Executable

If you need to export just the executables on their own, you can do by simply clicking these buttons to build them out.

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Error Logs

When we programmed and designed Game Patch Creator we understood the importance of generating Debug logs. So we generate exclusive, in-depth debug logs for both

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