Patch File List

Here you can stipulate the filename of the patch file list to use.

When GPC scans over your game files, it generates what is known as a Patch File List. This list is a catalogue of all the game files. The patcher will run through this list, comparing what is on the user’s computer and what needs to be patched. It stores all the checksums for the files in here. It’s the file the patcher needs to access to know what files to look for on the user’s computer.

Single Patch File Use

If you are not running multiple versions or multiple servers for your game patching and just using one server with incremental patching, then you stipulate the filename here. This is the filename that the scanner will generate once it has scanned over your files.

If you are using either multiple versions or multiple servers, you must use the Multiple Patch File List filename option instead.

The URL to this Single Patch File must be absolute (ie:

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