Add, Edit or Remove a Pre-Executable

Adding, Editing and Removing Pre-Executables with Game Patch Creator is very easy. You simply choose the relevant button from the bottom of the list, input your details and click Update.

Adding a Pre-Executable

To add a pre-executable to the list, simply click the ‘Add Executable’ button at the bottom of the list.

Executable Filename
Here you should type the relative name of the executable file (ie: myfile.exe or myfile.bat)

Wait for End
This tells the patcher to halt processing any further pre-executables until this executable process has finished completely

Retrieve from Registry
By default, the patcher assumes the executable file is in the same folder as the patcher, or a subfolder or folder above (if specified in the executable filename). Otherwise, you can choose to use the Registry to locate a particular executable file or batch file on the users computer. If you are looking for a particular file on the user’s computer and you can achieve the directory through the registry, fill out the following settings.

Registry Root
Select the ROOT key from the Registry

Current Key
Select the CURRENT key from the Registry

Registry String
Choose the String from the Registry which holds the path to the executable or batch file

64-bit Entry
Select if the Registry Entry is a 64-bit entry key

Commandline Parameters
You can send additional parameters to the executable using this commandline box. You should specify your switches inside here. Don’t forget to use speech marks enclosing, if there is a break (or space) in the syntax.

Do not use # symbol anywhere inside GPC. This is reserved for data strings inside the GPC data files.

Editing a Pre-Executable

To edit a pre-executable, select one from the list and click the ‘Edit Executable’ button from the list.

This will pull up the edit dialog where you can edit any information about that particular pre-exec.

Removing a Pre-Executable

To remove a pre-executable, select one from the pre-executable list and click the ‘Remove Executable’ button.

Additional Options

There are some additional options you can set for when parsing your pre-executable list.

Hide Window whilst Pre-Executable list is parsed
This tells the patcher to completely hide the window whilst running through the pre-executable list. If left unchecked, it may still show the splash screen, if splash is shown beforehand.

Bomb Patcher is pre-exec is not found
This will bomb the patch process if any of the pre-executables are not found. It will produce a visible error prompt to the user and stop the patch process from continuing.

Base Installer required if Pre-Executable isn’t found
This tells the patcher that the base installer is required for download and install, if a pre-executable isn’t found from the list.

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