Version 1.12

  • Block Patching fixed
  • Minor hotfix regarding Pre-executables with no splash screen option fixed

Version 1.11

  • Fixed editor bug (some text strings in the editor that displayed ‘Lite’ / ‘Ultra’ versions)
  • Fixed editor bug (crossover of settings after opening a project when one is already open)
  • Fixed patch bug (Had to remove Windows Functions dll. It was broke for some reason (dropped due to no more Win7 support)
  • Fixed patch bug with Reg Support issue
  • Made compatible with Game Launcher Creator V2 to be embedded directly into user’s game launchers. This is still in BETA development at the moment (New command line /W (0/1) – Writes out the current progress for GLCV2 Launchers to run. Best to run as a silent patch also.
  • Changed long filenames to short filenames for update strings (stops long texts and jumping around)

Version 1.1

  • Fixed editor bug (project logo wouldn’t load after opening project)
  • Fixed editor bug (old salt test was still shown after opening another project)
  • Fixed editor bug (Opening a new project when one already open sometimes prompted to save repeatedly)
  • Fixed editor bug (User could create new project without title/author credentials, it caused problems)
  • Fixed editor bug (You could click the ‘Build All’ button even when it wasn’t visible on-screen)
  • Fixed editor bug (You couldn’t type in the Multiple Patch File name if Multi-Versions was enabled)